Empowered Birth and Fourth Trimester

Where intention goes, energy flows. Learn to radiate light and love as you prepare yourself to surrender and trust the birth process for both you and your baby. Integrate body and mind in your birth preparations through movement, sound, and meditation. These sessions with Dr. Wren include an energetic assessment and a customized qigong movement practice. These sessions can be helpful in the management of pregnancy-related symptoms as well.

Birth energy is incredibly powerful and learning the felt-experience of energy moving through your body can help you remain embodied and empowered through your birth experience. In the early days following your birth experience, the energetic shifts occurring to allow you to heal are incredible and potentially overwhelming. Prepare yourself for breastfeeding, disrupted sleep patterns, and the hormonal shifts postpartum through Qigong, meditation, and self-reflection. Receive support embodying your birth experience and learn how to harness life force energy and nourish yourself when you feel depleted.




Darcie speaks about working with Dr. Wren to prepare for birth and motherhood