The Conscious Fertility Method

The lotus flower is anchored deep into the muddy waters. In a matter of days, miraculously, a beautiful blossom emerges from the depths. In the Conscious Fertility Method, we begin with the roots, energetically and physically, building foundational health and nourishment practices. It is only from this deeply rooted and nourished place that your nervous system allows you to safely expand, curiously unfolding each petal of the lotus that is your unique fertility journey. This method was developed through my personal experience becoming a mama (read my journey here) and my professional experience supporting women through their motherhood transformation.




shallow focus photography of green lotus on body of water

What's included

  • Self-assessment of Health Foundations for Fertility

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls with Dr. Wren

  • 6 Energetic self-care classes

women forming heart gestures during daytime